What if I want to go on one of the educational retreats, and enjoy the morning yoga & meditation classes, but not necessarily get certification or attend the lectures or training?

That’s just fine! The week will be extraordinary, and there is no pressure. Participate in activities and lectures as little or as much as you like.

For double occupancy, will you be able/willing to assign rooms if I am not signing up with a friend?

Yes, if you don’t have a friend to share a room with I will be assigning roommates for any double occupancies (by gender).

Are the rooms priced all the same or are there options to upgrade to a finer suite?

This depends on the location. Often there will be a few select rooms that go for a higher rate. Check in with Jaina when you register to express your desire to reserve one of those special rooms.

Help! I’ve never done yoga! Will I fit in on a retreat?

Of course! You will love trying something new. Classes are generally in the morning after we have coffee or tea, (and before breakfast) and are designed for all levels (with your beginner body in mind). Participate in as little or as much as you like.

Is the sample schedule just an example or is it the exact same schedule each day?

The sample schedule is indeed just an example, but it’s pretty close to timing. We will plan a few fabulous excursions together to explore the country. There will also be a special ceremony & dinner the last night.

Is there any kind of pre-retreat meeting or will we meet everyone once we arrive?

Although most of the participants are from Minnesota, some are from around the USA so there will not be an opportunity for everyone to meet prior to our trip. We will, however have a Facebook group where students can share packing lists, currency information, local customs, questions, etc.

Do I need any specific preparations or shots to travel abroad?

Check in with your physician for a recommendation on each country.

I have food allergies. Will the chef be able to accommodate?

At Beloved Retreats we take pride in providing for you the best locally sourced cuisine possible, and hire local chefs. Please let us know in advance any food sensitivities or preferences you have and we will make sure to accommodate.

Will there be opportunities for massages, spa treatments, or interesting excursions during our retreat? How packed is our schedule?

Yes! Depending on which retreat you attend there will be ample free time mid-day, and we will almost always hire massage therapists to visit our villa where you will have the opportunity to partake, as well as other activities at an additional cost.

When is payment due?

All payments are refundable within 24 hours. After 24 hours, all payments are final.

An initial deposit is required when you register and the rest of the balance is due 90 days prior to our retreat start date. **Prices include all meals, accommodations, and training certification. Prices do not include airfare or ground transportation.

Tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable except in emergency situations (death in family, or emergency accident which physically prohibits you from travel) in which case your retreat payment can be transferred to different retreat. Applications must be submitted and accepted 90 days prior to trip.**

How about Travel Insurance?

It is advised that when booking your flights and any extra hotel stays (outside of the retreat time) you obtain travel insurance to protect yourself in the case that you have to cancel or modify a trip. Most major airlines give this option.

What if the retreat is cancelled?

If for any reason Beloved Retreats cancels a retreat your deposit will be refunded within 90 days. While cancellations are very rare, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat at any time up to 90-days out from the first day of the retreat. For this reason, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance if you choose to book your flight more than 90-days out from the first day of the retreat. (see above). No refunds or reimbursements will be made for the cost of flights or hotels booked for canceled retreats.

Are there any hidden costs I need to prepare for?

It is customary in most countries (but not all) to offer gratuity at the end of your stay to the chef and maid at our villa. This is by no means required, is completely optional, and in some cultures and customs not expected. Each country is different, but if you had an extraordinary experience with the villa staff it’s a nice way to show appreciation. Other than that your only other expenses are ground transportation, extra-curricular activities, and experiences such as massage.

I’m all signed up! How can I best prepare for my Yoga Retreat?

You can expect a welcome packet in the mail with details on our fabulous accommodations, considerations for travel abroad, and opportunities to start dreaming up what activities (or non-activities!) you wish to explore while in the foreign country. If your’e on social media follow @belovedretreats on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration.

I had such an amazing time studying I want to come on all of Beloved Retreat’s trips this year and gain my 300 hour Teacher Training Certification!

Yes! Please reach out with specific questions on how you can continue home study between retreats and complete your 300 hour certification.




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