Are you finding moments of beauty? I know that for me, in the midst of stressful or anxious days, it has been really powerful to immerse myself with the outdoors, fresh air, nature and plant life. Be gentle on yourself. Drink water. Sit on the earth. The sanskrit word asana literally means seat. The ground on which we meditate. You can connect to the earth right now, and experience extraordinary healing and vibrancy. This electromagnetic grounding is essential for your health. Also remember that you are a cosmic-light-being experiencing a human life. Everything is perfection. Everything is meant to me. Breathe into each moment. Savor the details.

Due to COVID _19 I have had to cancel all four of our 2020 Beloved Travel Retreats. On one hand, it is good. To give the Earth a break form our carbon footprint. On the other hand, the ongoing inspiration and student’s joy from travel is my life’s work. I miss you all. We will resume retreats abroad in late 2021.

In the meantime I am offering some rich content via 12-hour weekend intensive Beloved Courses, detailed below. I invite you to join me this summer or fall. All courses can be applied to your 300 hour yoga certification or massage training.

Please email me if you would like to register!

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training July 31-Aug 2 $499

Thai Partner Massage Basics August 7-9 $499

Yin Yoga Teacher Training August 21-23 $499

Harvest Juice Fasting (week long course) September 4-6 $499

Meditation Teacher Training September 11-13 $499

Chakra Illumination with Justyn O’Neill and Uschi Gibson (fall – more info soon)

Welcome! Ready for adventure? We offer exquisite and powerful yoga and meditation retreats set in some of the most beautiful locations around the globe. Each week-long retreat boasts an exotic location, full immersion in culture & yoga study. Prepare to relax and explore, surrounded in unsurpassed beauty…

At Beloved Retreats we create an environment for you to explore the inner and outer worlds of health, vitality, consciousness, and limitless love, through ancient yoga philosophy, modern western science, explorations of consciousness, meditation, yoga practices, and empowerment.

So, what’s a retreat look like?

Here’s whats included in every retreat:

Beautiful accommodations

Shared room or private room choices

Three meals a day (local cuisine with vegetarian and vegan options)

Yoga asana and meditation classes twice per day, before breakfast and dinner

Our week-long Teacher Training modules count for 50 hours of CEU credits through Yoga Alliance, or your 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training Program

Group sizes are usually 10-20 attendees

There are two types of trips.

Rest Retreats

You will stay usually a luxurious villa or a house abroad in just one location for the entire week. Usually there is a private chef, and we do very focused daily asana and yoga study in the mornings with local excursions in the afternoons. Bali, Thailand, Greece, Mexico, and Maldives have all been trips like this.

Pilgrimage Retreats

We traverse the country on a 7-14 day adventure, staying in different 5-star hotels and villas along the way. Again, we do daily yoga and meditation, but lectures and workshops are sprinkled throughout the day depending on what type of cultural immersion tour we are doing that day. The intention is to learn about the culture of the country, while studying yoga philosophy. Morocco, India, and Peru have all been trips like this.

Both types of retreats offer an educational component.

Here’s where we’re headed next…!

Greece April 2020


Bali November 2020

India January 2021

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How can I get my 500 RYT certification?

We have options for 200, 500, and CEU continuing education hours through attending retreats. Click here for details.

Hi, I’m Jaina Portwood.

You may know me from my yoga studio in Minneapolis, or as a therapeutic bodyworker. I have been teaching yoga, meditation, and massage for over 20 years. This project has been an absolute joy to create, and I am thrilled to invite you to travel with me to some of the most breathtaking locations on the globe. So far I have taken groups on educational yoga retreats to: Bali, Morocco, Peru, Hawai, India, California, Florida, Maldives, France, Greece, and Thailand. They have been mind-blowing, rich experiences. Join us.

Retreats are powerful! Its an unfiltered opportunity for you to cultivate a space for intentional, deep study of yoga philosophy, healthy living, and empowerment. Each retreat is hand crafted for excellence. We visit some of the most beautiful local treasures, inspired by local culture, cuisine, flora, fauna, ocean waves, and lux accommodations.


The optional education component of our retreats will enhance your unique and beautiful gifts & spark your passions.

Whether it’s becoming a certified yoga instructor, learning massage therapy, or just soaking in the beauty of a foreign land, the experience will change your life.

Return home with a new skill, or certification, and an opportunity to bring vigor and inspiration to your life, thereby affecting everyone you know.

It’s a powerful opportunity to explore the world at large, and also your inner worlds through yoga and meditation. Groups are intentionally small and intimate, handcrafted and customized for the best week of your life.

There is a retreat here waiting for you that will inspire your life! 


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I can’t wait to retreat with you!

xoxo Jaina