We guide breathtaking Yoga Retreats all over the globe. Join our school of adventurers, lovers of travel, and seekers in the grand mystery of life.

Beloved is a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 and 300 hour school. Every retreat has an option for RYT hours! Our certification teaching programs run in modules, either online, in-person, or on retreats abroad.

India Yoga Pilgrimage

November 2022

We can’t wait for the borders to be open once more to India. Dates are set for November 6-18, 2022. We will be in India for the beautiful and auspicious Dev Diwali Festival. Join us for a once in a lifetime pilgrimage. Open for enrollment.

Hi, I’m Jaina Portwood. I have been teaching yoga and massage since 1999. Those of you I have studied with, or taught over the last two decades know that I am deeply passionate about self-empowerment, health & wellness, spiritual nutrition, mind-science, and goal setting.

Over the years I could see many of my friends taking vacations that weren’t fully satisfying…
… in that they sat around getting sunburned all day, and drinking alcohol, eating poorly, maybe finishing half of a book.

There are many of us who are hungry for a vacation that allows for the opportunity to expand our minds, to learn & grow, to be refreshed and renewed, and give back to the communities. You return home from a Beloved Retreat with a new skill, or certification, and an opportunity to bring vigor and inspiration to your life, thereby affecting everyone you know.

The intention of Beloved Retreats and Beloved School of Yoga is to enhance your unique and beautiful gifts & spark your passions. Whether it’s becoming a certified yoga instructor, learning massage therapy, or just soaking in the beauty of a foreign land on retreat, these experiences will change your life. Our Teacher Training programs have some of the most inspiring instructors in the world. On retreat we delve into your curiosities, your desire for adventure, relaxation, and excellence. Retreats that are more than just a vacation. Explorations that take you to spectacular vistas, and deep sweet rest. Opportunities to blow your mind wide open, and manifest longevity, optimal health, radiance in your life!

There is an educational experience here waiting for you that will inspire your life on so many levels. Join me for daily yoga and meditation practice, an esoteric workshop, an advanced teacher training, a massage course, or a retreat abroad.

I look forward to studying with you!


“This training has challenged me to become a more loving, more centered person. Jaina creates a supportive, dynamic space for me to blossom in my unique way, and gave me a solid foundation of the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of yoga practice. I feel prepared to go out into my community to share what I’ve learned.”


“Jaina is a beautiful representation of a modern yogi. The program she created deepens and educates a personal practice as well as prepares a student to become a teacher. Thank you for all the effort you have put into making this experience as honest as possible.” 


“Intense transformation. Eye opening, heart opening, and life changing. So grateful for the gift of being awake and being here right now!”


“A beautiful journey into presence, depth and focus in your physical, mental and spiritual body.”


“Jaina is an exceptionally dedicated teacher who gives herself fully to her sega (selfless service). At the same time she is able to bring flexibility to her approach and the individual needs of each student. Highly recommended!”


“I did my Thai Massage Training with Jaina and Beloved Retreats and she customized to my schedule, met with me 1:1 and has such a warm and accepting energy. She’s a great leader in the yoga community.”


“Jaina’s Teacher Training was transformative for my practice, teaching skills, and wellbeing. Given the chance to do it all over again, I would … only sooner.”


“Jaina enlivens the practice of yoga, the teaching of asana, the mystery of tradition for her students. The training is unique in the depth that it covers important yogic texts, nutrition, asana, personal practice, dharma talk and aligning with one’s highest intention. Over the three months of training, I was personally invigorated by the intensity and enthusiasm Jaina has for yoga and I certainly realized a new depth and magic in my personal practice and in my ability to teach yoga to others. Highly recommended for any yoga enthusiast.”


“Jaina’s Teacher Training has been an expansive experience that has shown me new paths for advancing in my yoga practice and in my life’s endeavors. Jaina is an extremely wise, kind, and patient teacher.”