Swedish Massage School

This CEU course will provide you with foundational training to take the national exam. Information on the national exam can be found at http://www.ncmtmb.com. Most full-time year-long programs are 900 hours. You will be learning an abbreviated version of that course work, which will satisfy continuing education credits, and prepare you fully to give an educated, therapeutic, full-body, 60 minute massage. 

Summer 2023 Session Starts May 27 for 10 weeks

Meets Saturdays 9am-12pm in person in Minneapolis

Tuition: $2900

Thai Massage School

This CEU course will provide you with foundational training to deliver a therapeutic 90 minute Thai Massage. Thai massage is a fully-clothed treatment performed on the ground or on a futon. It involves passive stretching, range of motion and joint mobility, acupressure, and deep tissue pressure. The therapist uses her hands, elbows, feet, knees, and back to create a rhythmic dance leaving the client refreshed, relaxed, and open.

Tuition: $600

September 11-12 & 18-19

9:00-1:00pm each day

Live class in Minneapolis, MN

In-home Massage Sessions

All treatments are performed in the comfort of your home (Twin Cities, MN). I bring a table to you. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Energy Work, or Cransiosacral.

Pricing for one hour: $200


Jaina Portwood has been practicing massage therapy since 1998, and has worked in many different settings, clinical, spa, and private practice. She brings a wealth of experience to this training and is thrilled to study with you! We will keep the group small, to assure you get really attentive and professional training.

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