The Yogini’s Journey February 6-19, 2024

I am super honored to announce another special pilgrimage to India this coming February 6-19, 2024 for women only. Lead by Uschi Gibson, a well-seasoned guide of India and adept seeker on the path of liberation, along with my colleague Justyn O’Neil. All three of us have been teaching trainings and guiding retreats for many years, as well as having travelled in India on multiple occasions. I’m honored to hold the space in the circle we are building together with our aligned intentions, gathering close students, dear friends, and fellow yogini seekers. We are incredibly excited to build the offerings and dedications we will make throughout the trip, and support each of your unique energy as part of this spiritual pilgrimage together.

A pilgrimage to the source of the Shakti Lineage. Come gather at the banks of the holy river Ganga to purify and anoint yourself in the blessings of the Goddess. This is a sacred invitation to initiate ourselves with a pilgrimage to the source of the Tantric tradition. Connect with fellow Yoginis and refresh how you participate and share your experience as a female yoga practitioner.

Dates: February 6-19, 2024

Non refundable deposit: $1000 USD (included in total cost)
Early Bird (register before Sept 30th 2023): $2800 USD
After Sept 30th 2023: $3000 USD
*Includes hours you can receive in RYT credit through The Seeker Yoga
School or Beloved Retreats

-Domestic India & Nepal travel and lodgings
-Double occupancy on arrival in Delhi at The Lemon Tree Premier or similar hotel
-Single occupancy throughout the rest of the journey
-Meals mentioned in Itinerary (Meals that are excluded are listed)
-Support in preparation for travel to India, booking your flight, India Visa etc.
-Yoga, meditation, and discourse sessions throughout the journey
-Silver Yogini Talisman to consecrate throughout the pilgrimage

-International flight to India
-Your Darshan/Prasad offerings (we will explain and support throughout)
-Tips for drivers
-Optional Ayurvedic massages/treatments/astrology readings
**See the detailed itinerary outline in the following pages. This is an outline which we will be building into over the coming months.

Who are the hosts of The Yogini’s Journey?

Uschi, Jaina, and Justyn will be holding space throughout the The Yogini’s Journey.
Practices we will share include; Tantric Yoga Asana, Non-Linear Movement (inspired by Classical Indian Dance), Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation, Nidra, Council, and Ritual. We are honored to gather a diverse group of women from all over the world to practice, witness each other, and support this transformational journey.

Uschi Gibson is the creator, India hostess, and coordinator of The Yogini’s Journey. As a lifelong student of spirituality and movement, Uschi took a deep dive into South Asian yogic traditions when she moved to Varanasi, India 14 years ago. Learning the language and customs of one of the holiest cities on the planet, Uschi’s tender approach allowed her to connect into this ancient culture at heart level. Uschi hosts international yoga retreats, and teaches classes online imparting the essences of various texts and ritual practices. Uschi is based in Varanasi, where she also works in community development and women empowerment projects.
Instagram: @luckyuschi Website:

Justyn O’Neill is the owner and creator of The Seeker Yoga School. She has been
teaching since 2010. Her mission as a teacher is to create a pathway for students to
broaden their perspective, to see their own worth, remember the truth of who they
are, and love themselves in a bigger way. Her intention as a teacher is to offer the
teachings of yoga in a sacred way, upholding the reverence to the roots of the
tradition. Traveling to India has been an integral part of upholding this intention for
her. Immersion in the magic of the culture, the connection to the source of this
ancient wisdom and providing sincere seekers an opportunity to awaken a deeper
connection to The Divine within themselves. Instagram @theseekeryogaschool Website

Jaina Portwood is the owner and creator of Beloved Retreats. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2002. Above all else she holds an intention for spiritual, and physical expansion. Yoga is union. To be united to the Self, through the Self, into the Self…the heart….unconditional love. This is achieved through pranayama, asana, nutrition, intuition, and insight to take you beyond the seen world and into cosmic consciousness. Jaina believes a journey to the sacred land of India is a privilege and an honor. She helps to facilitate a group space of gratitude, growth, beauty, and selfless service/offering on this heart-expanding pilgrimage. Instagram @belovedretreats Website

The Yogini’s Journey Itinerary February 2024

This is our basic outline of the itinerary throughout The Yogini’s Journey. We will be building in details and the offerings in the months preceding the journey. We hope the information below gives you a sense of what lays ahead, and look forward to questions you may have.

Om Tat Sat
-Uschi, Jaina, and Justyn

Ready to Apply?

Send an email to to receive an application for the journey. We are selecting an intentional group of practitioners for this life-changing experience.

Once you register for the pilgrimage we will be forwarding a required reading list, and I will start the basic trip prep info with you. We plan to gather online in the months ahead of the retreat to learn a sacred chant that will thread us together in a circle, and prepare you to participate in ritual at the various temples we visit. We will also be offering learning opportunities online ahead of the retreat, for which you can receive at a special discount as a participant in this journey.

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